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Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Celebrate the achievements, resilience, and contributions of these non-fiction authors.

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The Fly Who Flew to Space

Follow Flynn on an exciting journey to space to learn more about our precious planet.

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by Micah Siva

Get a taste of the vegetarian cookbook for the modern Jewish kitchen, drawing inspiration from history through a 21st century lens.

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I'll Be The Moon

A Migrant Child's Story • By Phillip D. Cortez

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Reflect and Reset

An Embrace Your Life Journal • By Fran Hauser

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Are You Giggly?

Are You Giggly?$12.95

Hi Lion, are you giggly?How about you, Zebra? Are you giggly? Young readers find out who giggles and who doesn't in this fun, playful board book. Bright illustrations by Ana Larrañaga introduce readers to a collection of African animals and...

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Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere$19.95

“A lovely and beautifully written story that encourages kids to hone their own artistic senses." —Angela Dominguez, NYT bestselling author of the Stella Díaz series I see patterns everywhere, patterns big and small.They fill the pages of this book, can...

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Vision and Voice

Vision and Voice$18.95

Vision and Voice: An Art-Making Journal for Teens bridges the gap between focused writing journals for teens and coloring books. The beautifully designed pages give teens a space where they can respond in imaginative, creative ways that help them to...

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Latest Posts

From the Journal

Latest Posts

From the Journal

7 Strategies to Find Your Calm on Mother's Day: Let's Talk Motherhood with Jenna Hermans

Jenna Hermans, winner of IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin Award and author of Chaos to Calm, co-founder and COO of Be Courageous   In my book "Chaos to Calm," I share various strategies that help mothers prioritize their well-being amidst the demands of motherhood. Here are some tips and insights from the book and personal anecdotes for moms to honor and prioritize themselves:  Set Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries about your time and commitments. Explain these boundaries to your family to help them understand your need for personal time, whether it's for exercise, hobbies, or simply resting.  Self-Care Routine: Moms need self-care routines that...

AAPI Heritage Month is Here: Meet Rowena Scherer

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) is celebrated annually in May to pay tribute to the current and historical contributions that generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made to American society and culture. This month is an opportunity to honor the vast diaspora of people from East, South, and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific Islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, we are excited to introduce Rowena Scherer, founder of eat2explore and author of our latest cookbook, A Taste of the World: Celebrating Global Flavors. Check out Publishing Assistant Brooke...

Reimagining Passover: Modern Twists on Traditional Recipes

  Growing up, Passover was a labor of love. My mother and grandmother hovered over a hot pot of simmering chicken soup, roasted enough Chicken Marbella for an army, whipped up a light-as-air strawberry mousse, and lovingly formed homemade gefilte fish. We would open our home to “all who are hungry, let them come eat,” as written in our wine-stained Haggadah. I’ve now turned into my own mother, inviting hungry guests to our Passover seders. I revel in sharing my love for Jewish cuisine with both Jews and non-Jews alike, thinking outside of the matzo box for an inclusive seder—no...

Celebrate Earth Month with Lea Redmond: Our Friend Earth

Happy Earth Month! It’s time to give our planet the recognition it deserves. And as a publisher who’s committed to sustainability, it’s incredibly important to us to steward conversations about eco-consciousness. In celebration, we’re excited to chat with Lea Redmond, author of Our Friend Moon and upcoming release, Our Friend Earth. Check out Publishing Assistant Brooke Shannon’s conversation with Redmond below.   Q: Our Friend Earth is the sequel to your award-winning series, Full Circle Books. What inspired you to write this follow-up? Oh gosh, I’d do the whole solar system if I could! After beginning with the Moon, the...

Behind the Book: The Schlemiel Kids Save the Moon

I grew up hearing my rabbi and Sunday school teachers tell stories. Some of my favorites were silly folktales of the ironically named “Wise Men” of Chelm, a town populated entirely by fools. When I had children, I wanted to share these Jewish and Yiddish stories and humor with them. But when I went back to original retellings, set in a far-off time and place, I realized my young sons would have a hard time connecting. So I thought, How would this story play out from the perspective of children in a modern-day Chelm? To update the folktale, I stripped...

Celebrate Women’s History Month | Boss Beauty

Happy Women’s History Month! This month—and every other month—we're committed to highlighting the valuable contributions of women as well as empowering women to write their own narratives, on their own terms.  In celebration, we’re excited to introduce Lisa Mayer, co-founder and CEO of Boss Beauties, and author of Boss Beauty: Inspiration to Be Everything You Want. Check out Publishing Assistant Brooke Shannon’s conversation with Mayer below. What inspired you to start writing Boss Beauty?  Early on in my entrepreneurial career, I almost gave up on my dream of building my own business. I found myself with just $7 left in...