About the Book

"… a beautiful reminder to embrace risks for the sake of discovery." —Kim Kardashian

Bold and inquisitive, Flynn is a little fly with big dreams. Fascinated by the stars, Flynn daydreams of becoming an astronaut. School is hard, but especially when there’s an attention-grabbing rocket company just down the road. One day, while exploring, Flynn flies aboard a rocket ship that suddenly takes off! 

Follow Flynn on an exciting journey to space to learn more about our precious planet—from amazing natural wonders, like the rainforest, to the atmosphere that protects it all. After all, big dreams and a curious mind can lead to the most astonishing discoveries!

With a book jacket that doubles as a poster, this engaging picture book features exquisitely detailed illustrations by Clio-award winner, Raleigh Stewart, and introduces important STEAM concepts. Encouraging exploration and conservation, Sánchez—and Flynn—will have little readers reaching for the stars.


"[The Fly Who Flew to Space] is a playful and inspiring story, a reminder to never lose that sense of wonder we’re all born with." —Katy Perry

"... a wonderful read for children and parents alike. This story sparks curiosity and imagination while introducing young minds to the magic of STEM!” —Karlie Kloss, founder of Kode With Klossy

Karlie Kloss

founder of Kode With Klossy

"... a wonderful read for children and parents alike. This story sparks curiosity and imagination while introducing young minds to the magic of STEM!”

Meet the Author

Long before Emmy Award-winning journalist, pilot, and philanthropist Lauren Sánchez was a children’s book author, she was a little girl with big dreams. Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she looked to her father, a former flight instructor, and dreamed of one day becoming a pilot. Watching him ignited Lauren’s passion for aviation. After a long career in journalism, Lauren finally got her pilot’s license in her 4’s, which ultimately led her to found Black Ops Aviation in 216—proving you are never too old to chase your dreams. Years later, Lauren can see her own kids looking to the sky with wonder. That experience as a mom, coupled with her love of storytelling and adventure, motivated Lauren to write her first children’s book. Lauren hopes this book can help kids everywhere find their passion and chase their dreams, even up into the clouds and beyond!

Meet the Illustrator

Raleigh Stewart is a multi-disciplined creative artist with over 25 years of experience in Hollywood’s entertainment industry. With a diverse skill set that includes Art direction, broadcast motion graphics, title design, illustration, oil painting, prop making, model making, bladesmithing, fabrication, and wood & leather craft, Raleigh brings a fresh and innovative perspective to every project. Throughout his career, Raleigh has collaborated with major studios such as Lucasfilm, Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Studio Ghibli, Paramount, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Playtone, CNN and many more. His work has been recognized by respected publications, including multiple Clio awards for his work with CNN and Lucasfilm.