About the Book

Our Friend Moon is a small ode to nature as a source of beauty, comfort, and metaphor. Like friends and family throughout a day, a month, or a year, the moon cycles between presence and distance. Hello. Goodbye. Hello again. Waxing gibbous. Waning crescent. Full again. Even though the moon is sometimes out of sight, it always comes back with its warm embrace like a parent after a day at preschool or Grandma’s house. The moon is not only beautiful, but dependable. We can count on it. It is there for us.
This delightful, circle-shaped book also invites little ones to become observers of the world around them, encouraging them to look around (and up!). Patterns are everywhere and nature’s cycles abound. An appreciation for nature begins with noticing. After reading Our Friend Moon, children will love spotting the moon in the sky, pointing to it, and sharing their observation with loved ones. They can even learn the scientific terms for the moon’s phases from the diagram in the back of the book!

Awards and Press

Publishers Weekly

Circling from introduction to valediction to glad reunion, it’s a straightforwardly reassuring look at cycles that’s just right for bedtime viewing.

Meet the Author

Lea Redmond reveals the extraordinary hiding in the ordinary: a saltshaker, a penny, hand gestures, clouds. Lea creates books, toys, games and small adventures that invite humans of all ages to be curious, playful, and kind. Lea works and plays in Oakland, California. You can visit her world of wonder at LeaRedmond.com.

Meet the Illustrator

Regina Shklovsky is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Sonoma County, California. She illustrated the 2018 picture book, Fun in the Mud, which was a 2019 Moonbeam award winner and a 2018 Nautilus award winner. She is passionate about bringing stories to life with pictures and thoughtful design. Her work is rooted in traditional drawing and painting, mixed with vector graphics. She collaborates with local entrepreneurs and authors, as well as independent publishers.