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The Collective Book Studio is committed to publishing authors, illustrators and creators of diverse backgrounds, and so we have an open submission policy. We accept unagented submissions for projects that fall within our areas of expertise. Please allow at least two weeks for a response.

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The Collective Book Studio is highly selective about the projects we take on. We can only commit to high-quality work that fits our particular aesthetic. This ensures the proper passion, time, and attention is given to foster the growth of each title.

Categories & Genres

We are currently accepting manuscripts that fall within our areas of expertise.
See our current list of categories.

Self-Published Authors

If you are a self-published author who is looking for different results, we are happy to take a look at your book with the understanding that we would re-edit, re-brand, and re-publish your work.

Commitment to Quality

We are a small imprint committed to quality and cannot select every manuscript. If we pass on your project it could be for a number of reasons, which may have nothing to do with the quality of your work. Publishing with us is a collaborative effort. If you choose us, and we choose you, we will work together to create and distribute a beautiful book that stands out from the crowd.

Title Submission

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Title Submission

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Please fill out the form below to submit a project to The Collective Book Studio. We recommend writing your responses in a separate document and pasting them in when you are ready to submit.