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“Perfect for flavor-first foodies like me, who are on a mission to add more plant-forward dishes to our tables!" – Michelle Tam, New York Times bestselling author and creator of Nom Nom Paleo

The Vegetarian Reset celebrates a lifestyle where a foodie sensibility intersects with healthy eating. It solves the never-ending dilemma that all plant-based eaters face: Is life fun when you eat salad every day, or is it worth it to let your health take a backseat to enjoy a big bowl of rice or pasta without enough protein?  

In her debut cookbook, Vasudha Viswanath takes readers on a little trip around the world, drawing inspiration from an array of traditional and global cuisines *that are *rich in whole foods like vegetables, legumes, and healthy fats. Seasonal vibrant recipes are moderately low-carb and put vegetables front and center, while also being gluten-free! Learn to bake healthy bread from scratch, make paella out of cauliflower rice, transform paneer into gnocchi, and sweeten brownies with dates! Whether you already follow a low-carb lifestyle or simply want to add more healthy dishes into your rotation, The Vegetarian Reset will delight and inspire vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike to eat well, fully nourish, and reset your body.


“A genius idea that is beautifully executed by Vasudha…Bring on the Curried Lentil Mushroom Bolognese, Masala Egg Bites, and Avocado Lime Smoothie, please!” —Archana Mundhe, bestselling author and founder, Ministry of Curry

“[A] genuine work of art! The photos are breathtaking, and the recipes are unique, nourishing, and easy to follow.” —Shana Hussin, author of Fast To Heal and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

“[V]ibrant and diverse recipes will inspire you to change the way you eat and focus on healthy lower carb options." —Dhru Purohit, host of the Dhru Purohit Podcast and serial entrepreneur

Awards and Press

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Meatless, flavor-packed, and easy on the carbs.

Midwest Book Review

The Vegetarian Reset' is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, family, professional, and community library cookbook collections.

Shelf Awareness

Vasudha Viswanath's creative collection of savory and sweet dishes inspired by her international palate, will delight readers who want to prioritize nutrition-rich ingredients in their diets without compromising taste and sensory appeal.

Dad of Divas blog

The recipes were easy to follow, and... really helped me walk step-by-step into a whole world of food to try... If you love vegetarian meals, this is a cookbook you do not want to miss!

Michelle Tam

author and creator of Nom Nom Paleo: Let's Go!

Perfect for flavor-first foodies like me, who are on a mission to add more plant-forward dishes to our tables!

Archana Mundhe

bestselling author and founder

A genius idea that is beautifully executed by Vasudha. I LOVE cooking recipes from around the world and seeing a book that is low-carb and plant-based makes me so happy.

Aishwarya Iyer

founder and CEO

As a fellow vegetarian who is passionate about high-quality food, I believe that the delightful and inventive recipes in Vasudha's cookbook will inspire you to eat better every day and fuel you to feel your best.

Heather DiBiasi


[T]his cookbook is filled with a variety of delicious recipes making it perfect for a healthy foodie...I would definitely recommend this book to anyone following a low carb, vegetarian lifestyle, or honestly, just anyone interested in trying new healthy AND tasty recipes.

Dhru Purohit

host of the Dhru Purohit Podcast and serial entrepreneur

Vasudha's cookbook rethinks vegetarian food and effortlessly weaves nutrition and flavor together in every dish.

Shana Hussin

RDN and author of Fast To Heal

Vasudha's cookbook is a genuine work of art! The photos are breathtaking, and the recipes are unique, nourishing, and easy to follow.

Foreword Reviews

The Vegetarian Reset takes a healthy, light approach to vegetarian cooking, sharing splendid, flavorful recipes that explore the diet’s potential.

Meet the Author

Vasudha Viswanath is the founder of We Ate Well, a community for foodies that brings you the inside scoop on everything vegetarian. Her mission is to help you eat mindfully, joyfully, and sustainably on a vegetarian diet. She grew up in Bangalore, India and now lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.

Meet the Photographer

Alexandra Shytsman is a writer, recipe developer, food photographer, and creator of The New Baguette, a plant-based recipe site for the veg-curious. She is the co-author of The Complete Vegan Cookbook, and her work has been featured in national media like The Kitchn, Food52, HuffPost, and Cherry Bombe. She is a Ukrainian immigrant and currently lives in New York City.