About the Book


"A Taste of the World is an attractive global cooking introduction—an amuse-bouche to give budding cooks a taste for international flavors and world cultures." —Foreword Reviews

From Rowena Scherer, founder of Eat2Explore, A Taste of the World is a carefully curated collection of recipes celebrating global cuisine and designed to be made by families with kids of all ages. Each recipe is a full meal and includes step-by-step instructions so parents can safely have their kids join in the fun while learning about other cultures through their traditional foods. 

A Taste of the World offers: 

  • 64 kid-friendly recipes ranging from Pork Katsu from Japan and Vegetable Korma from India to Lamb Kebabs from Morocco and Black Bean Enchiladas from Mexico. 
  • Short selections of facts of 20 different countries as well as adorable in-color illustrations of their landmarks. 
  • Full-color photographs of each finished dish and the steps along the way.

A Taste of the World is a truly fun—and very tasty—cookbook for the whole family!

Meet the Author

Rowena Scherer grew up in Malaysia and her fondest memories are when she cooked in the kitchen with her family. Years later, after working on Wall Street and living all over the world, she decided she wanted to create the same lasting memories with her children. She attended the French Culinary Institute, began to source hard-to-find non-perishable ingredients that highlighted her cherished foods, and started eat2explore, an explorer box filled with authentic recipes, activities, and collectibles that offered a worldwide cultural education through the exploration of food. Rowena lives in New York City with her husband, Joshua, and their two children.

Meet the Illustrator

Albert Pew is an Indonesian Graphic Designer based in Malaysia. He specializes in enterprise branding and illustration.