About the Book

The Us Journal, created by Eileen Grimes, features colorful designs, blank and lined exercise pages, and prompts for both parent and child to express themselves.

Whimsical design and illustrations adorn the pages of The Us Journal, a notebook to form a lasting connection between parent and child. Open this book to find creative writing prompts and drawing invitations, designed for kids to discover more about themselves—their likes, their fears, their hopes, and their dreams—while parents join in with written responses of their own! 

With a sturdy hardcover binding, this journal is one that children will treasure forever. Share your jokes, trade your secrets, and create some one-on-one moments of screen-free joy with your kids. Celebrate the joy of us, not just you or me, with this meaningful journal.

Awards and Press

Gonzaga University News

Standing out in a crowd can sometimes be hard, especially when that crowd is your own family....A mother of two, Grimes is sharing lessons from her childhood experiences with new parents in her book.

Jill Dardig Ed.D. and William Heward


What a beautiful, colorful, inviting book! The completed journal will become a cherished keepsake revisited by parent and child in later years.

Kaitlin Soulé


A practical and meaningful tool for both parents and children to deepen their connection and find joy through story-telling and journaling.

Meet the Author

Eileen Grimes was born in Seattle, Washington and called home wherever she and her five siblings and parents lived throughout childhood. Growing up as a middle child in a big family, Eileen learned quickly the importance of being seen and having quality time with her parents. The Us Journal came to life after Eileen had her own two children to support by building intentional time for connection. Eileen lives in Spokane, WA, with her family where she hopes to build community and a movement with kids and adults who feel seen, loved, and whole.