Celebrate Women’s History Month | Boss Beauty

Happy Women’s History Month! This month—and every other month—we're committed to highlighting the valuable contributions of women as well as empowering women to write their own narratives, on their own terms. 

In celebration, we’re excited to introduce Lisa Mayer, co-founder and CEO of Boss Beauties, and author of Boss Beauty: Inspiration to Be Everything You Want. Check out Publishing Assistant Brooke Shannon’s conversation with Mayer below.

What inspired you to start writing Boss Beauty? 

Early on in my entrepreneurial career, I almost gave up on my dream of building my own business. I found myself with just $7 left in my bank account. 

Although I almost gave up, I reminded myself of my why and decided it wasn’t time to quit. Rather than giving up, I remember sitting down to read the stories of other women who had faced challenges in their own life and career. I was inspired by their journeys and how they overcame the most difficult of situations. 

Over the years, I continued to find inspiration from other womens’ entrepreneurial paths, and later decided to combine the bold, empowering artwork from our brand Boss Beauties with the influential quotes that I held onto along the way. I want other women and girls who might be facing their own “$7 moment” or another challenge of their own to read this book and be reminded that they can keep going.

Describe how the book is organized. 

Boss Beauty captures the core values of the Boss Beauties Foundation. The book includes quotes from prominent women offering a global perspective as well as my personal advice for designing a life you love, remembering your self-worth, and staying calm and confident. The book closes with motivational affirmations and space to write out the goals you’re manifesting. 

This richly illustrated guide is crafted to nurture core Boss Beauties characteristics, so women and girls can harness their own capabilities. 

Motivational quotes from professional athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs, etc. are generously peppered throughout the book. How did you approach the process of choosing contributors for this section of Boss Beauty? 

We’ve collected quotes and stories from Boss Beauties in my life. Some of the contributors whose quotes we have included are:

  • Robin Arzon, multi-hyphenate, Peloton Vice President & instructor, marathon runner, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and GMA contributor
  • Julia Landauer, champion race car driver, keynote speaker, and podcast host
  • Arlan Hamilton, investor and bestselling author
  • Fran Hauser, a long-time mentor of mine and bestselling author and angel investor for many female founders
  • Rebecca Minkoff, fashion designer and longtime advocate for female founders

I wanted to select a range of real-life Boss Beauties that are making an impact in the world and remind us all to never give up on their dreams! My hope is that every woman or girl who picks up this book will see themselves and feel empowered by their wisdom and advice. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Robin Arzon. She says, “Use your voice even—when it shakes.” After showing this quote to my niece, she said she’d read it every time she gets nervous at school.

“Use your voice—even when it shakes.”

—Robin Arzón

The diverse and dynamic artwork in the book is a Boss Beauties staple. How do these graphics work to encourage modern images of womanhood? 

We created the Boss Beauties imagery with the following statement in mind: “A woman can be everything she wants.” We know that many women feel the pressure to be defined by one thing. Yet, all of us are multifaceted. We want women to remember they can be EVERYTHING they want. A woman can be a racecar driver, a CEO, a mom, and a chef all at once. 

I started Boss Beauties when my son was only three months old, so I was deep in a “new mom” phase while starting my company.  One of my favorite Boss Beauties artwork is that of the “Caregiver,” who wears a CEO hat and a baby carrier. This image, in particular, symbolizes my own life—I’d birthed two of the most significant things in my life all at once.

Another special element about this artwork is that it represents women in a “power pose” accompanied by vibrant backgrounds, electric clothing styles, and unique accessories. It evokes confidence, fearlessness, and motivation to assume an “unapologetic self.”

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How do you hope young women will interact with Boss Beauty? 

I have big dreams for the book. Anyone who knows me, also knows I have rather audacious goals. I believe that every woman is a Boss Beauty—someone who is fearless, confident, kind, graceful, and motivated in the pursuit of her goals and dreams. So, my dream is for this book to inspire millions of women and girls worldwide to recognize that within themselves.

I hope to hear stories of how this book motivates women to push through the hurdles and boldly go for what they want in their life and career. I hope to see Boss Beauty displayed on bookshelves, coffee tables, in dorm rooms, etc. of women and girls internationally. I hope to see women sharing the book with their daughters, mentors and/or mentees, and best friends. I couldn’t be more excited for women and girls of all ages to personalize their experience with this book. 

Boss Beauties, let’s take charge and become the CEO of our own lives!



Meet the Author

Lisa Mayer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boss Beauties, a media and entertainment brand that inspires women and girls to be everything they want to be. At Boss Beauties, Lisa has grown the brand to highlight and celebrate women through global collaborations with Barbie, Rolling Stone, Neiman Marcus, the New York Stock Exchange, NARS Cosmetics, and the United Nations. She successfully drove the company to earn exclusive representation through the iconic talent agency William Morris Endeavor, strategically scaling the Boss Beauties brand across film, television, gaming, publishing, and more. Her work has been featured in Forbes, AdAge, Fortune, People, ELLE, and Bloomberg Live, and has gained recognition from Apple, Verizon, and Amazon. Lisa continues to fight to improve the lives of future generations of women through mentorship activations and collaborations.