About the Book

"This saltwater standout will have librarians, parents, and mini marine biologists hooked." —School Library Journal, starred review

Hidden in the ocean of colorful fish, octopus, kelp, sea sponges, and other sea life is a most unique creature: the seahorse. 

Featuring different species of seahorses and seadragons across the world, The Sea Hides a Seahorse is a subtle seek-and-find story that journeys underwater to provide a glimpse into the secrets of seahorses as they swim, hide, hunt, court, mate, and more. Included at the back is more information about seahorses and how to support their protection and conservation.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of The Sea Hides a Seahorse will be donated to support marine education and seahorse conservation.


"A simple, sonorous introduction." —Kirkus Reviews

"Literacy educators will appreciate the rich use of language, including vivid verbs and delightful alliteration on every page. […] I highly recommend this book to classroom and home libraries as well." —Mary-Meghan Olmo, Elementary Educator and Mom

Chari Smith

children’s book author of The Piano

"This is a great book for any young reader and will inspire them to learn more about the wonderful world under the sea."

Friderike Heuer


The joy of locating and counting them, and the rhythm of repeat sentences fostering memory for little readers will make this book a go to for storytime, over and over again.

Rian Debner


A beautifully illustrated picture book that […] works for multiple audiences. A charming way to learn about these unique fish!

Natasha Forrester Campbell

Early Childhood Services Librarian

Great for both 1-on-1 reading and for classroom use, this fun, informative seek-and-find book will have kids begging to read it again and again!

Susan Blackaby

author of Where’s My Cow?

Rolling prose and eye-catching artwork invite kids to take a deep dive into the habits and habitat of the seahorse—an interactive exploration supported by extensive notes and resources.

Dawn Babb Prochovnic

Early Literacy Consultant and author of Where Does a Pirate Go Potty?

This poetic picture book is highly recommended for home and classroom collections and school/library story time settings.

Claire Horowitz

author and Writing Workshop Leader

Readers will be enchanted by this glimpse into the secret world of seahorses. The engaging prose encourages participation, and the lovely illustrations provide a delightful hidden picture game.

Jackie Davis

Collection Development Librarian

Enchanting undersea vistas of many varieties of seahorses, as well as crabs, flounders, turtles and other sea life, in vibrant colors make this informative picture book a real winner. […] This lovely little book, with seahorses to find in each spread, is highly recommended for ages 3 and up.

Ruth Metz


"True and tender, this is an inspired telling of the symbiosis of sea horse and sea life, gloriously, gorgeously illustrated. What a marvelously successful collaboration."

Rochelle Strauss

award-winning children’s author of Tree of Life

The charming story, vibrant illustrations, and informative backmatter make it a delightful read. This book is sure to spark a child’s curiosity and foster a love of marine life.

Heather Bracken-Grissom


This book demonstrates not only the diversity of seahorses but their amazing associations with other plants and animals.

Mary-Meghan Olmo

Elementary Educator and Mom

"Literacy educators will appreciate the rich use of language, including vivid verbs and delightful alliteration on every page. […] I highly recommend this book to classroom and home libraries as well."

Danielle Jones

Library Youth Services Manager

"A delightful read-aloud that is sure to engage budding scientists with opportunities for inquiry and the magic of sea creatures on every page."

MaryKay Dahlgreen

Retired Children’s Librarian

"This lyrical book provides a wonderful hide and seek adventure set in the ocean. In addition to the beautifully coordinated text and pictures of the story, there is valuable additional content about seahorses."

Elisa Boxer

Emmy-winning journalist and Sydney Taylor Honor-winning author

"Young readers will delight in seeking out the seahorses camouflaged in the vibrant illustrations. An informative, engaging, lyrical look at life under the sea, with an ending that highlights the comfort of family."

Jane Correy

Retired Librarian

"This lovely addition to young readers nonfiction collections will have kids engaged from the first page in finding the hiding seahorses, while the lovely prose washes over them. The beautiful illustrations enhance and complement the facts. I can’t wait to share it with kids."

Carol Mackey

Retired K-12 Librarian

"A rare picture book that will sustain a child’s interest over a period of many years, The Sea Hides a Seahorse grows with the reader."

Wendy Thompson

Literary Arts Instructor & Elementary Movement Specialist for Vancouver Public Schools

"Through vivid verbs and vibrant colors, The Sea Hides a Seahorse is an ideal accompaniment to our first graders’ arts-integrated study of marine life."

Katie Nedved

Teacher Librarian and National Board Certified Teacher at Vancouver Innovation Technology and Arts (VITA) Elementary

"Young readers will delight in the many ways a healthy marine habitat can provide shelter and camouflage for predators and prey alike. Bold brush strokes and vibrant colors make the reader feel as if they are underwater, hiding with the seahorse."

Audrey Barbakoff


"Author Sara T. Behrman and her seahorses weave a stunning seascape of learning, language, and fun. Because it’s engaging on so many levels, kids will keep diving back in again and again."

Yvonne Pearson

author of Little Loon Finds His Voice

"Children will love searching for the seahorses hidden among the stunning illustrations of sea life. . . Back matter is filled with fascinating facts about this unusual sea creature."

Meet the Author

Sara T. Behrman is a children’s book author, technical writer, and former librarian. She loves to travel and, like seahorses, has found her way to all five of the world’s oceans: Arctic, Southern, Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific. Sara now lives in Portland, Oregon, which is about 80 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Meet the Illustrator

Melanie Mikecz specializes in a mixed-media style that blends digital and traditional media. Her vibrant color palettes and bold patterns can be found in her illustrations and abstract work. In addition to her picture books, Melanie has worked on projects ranging from greeting cards to puzzles to large-scale murals and wall art. She currently lives in San Francisco, California, near the beach with her husband and two daughters.