About the Book

Have you ever wondered what your feathered friends are really thinking?

For the last time, Paul, we are not going to fly in a “P” formation.
Is that cat seriously trying to sneak up on me again?
Wanna go circle over some humans and freak them out?

They may look innocent enough, perched on a branch or splashing in a birdbath, but don’t be fooled by their unassuming ways. In The Secret Thoughts of Birds, you will finally learn what is really going on inside the devious minds of these little aviators. Prepare to laugh out loud as you discover their true fowl nature.

Meet the Author

CJ Rose earned an English Literature degree from UCLA, where he also wrote a humor column for the “Daily Bruin” newspaper. Since college, he has worked in and around the book publishing field for over twenty years. CJ loves animals of all shapes and sizes, and is always wondering just what they are getting up to when he isn’t looking. He lives in beautiful Petaluma, California, with his family.