About the Book

"This book is a reminder that if we pay attention, we can find something or someone to teach us how we can step out of the fear and into power." —Dr. Rayna Savrosa, L.Ac, DACM Moonshadow Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine, San Francisco, CA

Tali longs to play like the other kids as they tumble and swing at the park, the gymnastics studio, and the aikido dojo, but her fears hold her back. In her dreams, she can soar, but when she wakes up in the morning, she’s still scared. Until one night, a surprise guest flies into her dreams and teaches her how to make them a reality.

Filled with beautiful, evocative illustrations and honest prose, Tali and the Toucan is for any child (or parent) whose worries keep them from living their dreams—whether that’s trying a new sport, making a new friend, or climbing to the top of the jungle gym.

Karin Blais


"Tali and the Toucan is a heartfelt tale about a girl who discovers how powerful her dreams are in overcoming her fears and anxieties. Wonderful story for children looking to recognize their true potential."

Geri Alpert

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

"This wonderful new book portrays, both through remarkedly sensitive text and spectacular illustrations, fears secretly harbored by so many children. While I think it would be of particular value to kids who are anxious, shy or reluctant in any other way, the book has a potential to create empathy that could benefit even those who are not so besieged."

Tina Asherae Fields


"Through poetic words and lively illustrations, Tali and the Toucan introduces children to the power of dreams, animal spirit helpers, and puns to heal and transform daily life. It also quietly carries a deeply important message from Jewish mysticism, Tikkun Olam."

Mike Wietecha

American Sumo wrestler

"As we mature, we don't appreciate the trepidation kids go through when trying something for the first time. This book personifies the thrill and uncertainty that comes with embarking on new experiences."

Natalie Reid

author of The Spiritual Alchemist

"Tali’s story perfectly captures the fears of young children who feel that their world will shatter if they try something they think they can’t do. This beautifully illustrated gem of a book shows its readers that their dreams hold the keys to budding confidence, helping them repair their inner world and live in joy."

Lael Gold


"The kid in me enjoyed Tali and the Toucan, a stunningly illustrated tale of nighttime inspiration and transformation that will do young readers the great service of filling them with hope and tuning them into their dreams."

Daniel Deslauriers

Professor of Transformative Studies

"Wow! What a treat! A colorful tale of transformation through dreams. A new favorite to be read out loud and come back to..."

David Jenkins Ph.D.

author of Dream Replay: How to transform your dream life and other works

This book is a delight for readers of all ages. With its captivating illustrations and engaging narrative, it reveals the almost magical way in which great changes can happen.

Meet the Author

Mira Z. Amiras is an anthropologist, author, and award-winning filmmaker. She was raised on her mother’s accounts of the Inquisition and Holocaust, her father’s tales of the creation and beauty of the universe, and her grandparents’ foods, folklore and music of ancient Sefarad. Mira has lived, studied, and traveled throughout the Middle East and North Africa, camped out 7,000 miles through Africa, and traveled overland from Istanbul to the Nepalese border. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and is Professor Emerita of Comparative Religion and Middle East Studies at San Jose State University. Mira is past president of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, and was a member of the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association. She lives in San Francisco with her family—witnessing the birth of new tales as we speak.

Meet the Illustrator

Multi-award-winning illustration team Chantelle and Burgen Thorne are eclectic bookworms who delight in the magic of stories. Quick-draw, deft wielders of the digital brush, they have many titles out in the world. Now they're going ultra-edgy and working on their first author-illustrated picture book as well as a graphic novel—whoo-hoo!! They live in the countryside with their two girly dogs.