About the Book

The carefully curated cards in the 52 Cocktails to Welcome the Weekend deck combine to offer an intoxicating mix of classic and innovative recipes. From the time-honored Gin & Tonic to the zestful Blood Orange Margarita, these recipes are designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, using common ingredients to create extraordinary tastes.

The deck is not just about recipes—it's a visual feast too, with more than 50 stunning images that complement each cocktail's unique character. Ideal for both cocktail novices and enthusiasts, 52 Cocktails to Welcome the Weekend is a celebration of the joy and art of drink-making. It’s the perfect gift for hosts, friends, or anyone who cherishes the ritual of a well-made cocktail. Let each card inspire you to try something new or revisit the comfort of the tried-and-true and transform your evenings into a toast to relaxation and good taste.

Meet the Author

AJ Dean is a big believer that time-honored traditions are important and that rituals, no matter how simple, are a healthy part of our lives. He began mixing cocktails at an early age and today, decades later, reveres the many aspects of spirits, both supernatural and distilled. Ever a student of art and photography, AJ Dean resides in both New York and San Francisco.