About the Book

Horses may strike you as innocuous enough, placidly grazing on grass and swishing away flies with their tails. But, don’t be fooled by those tranquil equine eyes. The Secret Thoughts of Horses offers a peek into the inner workings of bronco brains—and what you find might surprise and delight you. Whether running a race, angling for sugar cubes, or prancing the arena, these majestic creatures are definitely not just horsing around. 

Including 50 full-color photographs, The Secret Thoughts of Horses offers poetic wit and the perfect "pick me up."

Meet the Author

CJ Rose earned an English Literature degree from UCLA, where he also wrote a humor column for the “Daily Bruin” newspaper. Since college, he has worked in and around the book publishing field for over twenty years. CJ loves animals of all shapes and sizes, and is always wondering just what they are getting up to when he isn’t looking. He lives in beautiful Petaluma, California, with his family.