About the Book


"...gorgeous photography, simple instructions, and handy tips throughout—including how to create the perfect egg white foam—make this a valuable companion for anyone looking to expand their cocktail repertoire." –Publishers Weekly

Friday Night Cocktails is for anyone interested in a well-made, non-fussy, homemade mixed drink. The 52 cocktails (plus numerous variations) are made with common ingredients that readers can easily keep on hand. Including old stand-bys (e.g., Gin & Tonic) as well as new takes on the standards (e.g., Blood Orange Margarita), the book’s message is “Try something new, but be mindful of the tried-and-true.”

With 50+ stunning images, Friday Night Cocktails closes the door on the week and welcomes the weekend. And what better way to do that than with a chilled cocktail?


"With its elegant photographs and gleaming, gilt-letter packaging, Friday Night Cocktails is a crowd-pleasing guide for those who raise their glasses to the weekend." –Foreword Reviews

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A fabulous collection of 52 simple and delicious drinks—plus a bunch of variations—that will help you uncoil from the week and start the weekend.

Meet the Author

AJ Dean is a big believer that time-honored traditions are important and that rituals, no matter how simple, are a healthy part of our lives. He began mixing cocktails at an early age and today, decades later, reveres the many aspects of spirits, both supernatural and distilled. Ever a student of art and photography, AJ Dean resides in both New York and San Francisco.

Meet the Photographer

AJ Hansen is a design creative from Northern California, living and working in New York. She is also a photographer, consultant, and spreadsheet enthusiast in her spare time. AJ is a skeptical Libra, loves Bernese Mountain Dogs, and begrudgingly drinks coffee. She graduated with a BFA in graphic design from RISD. AJ has worked as a graphic designer in public arts, business strategy, publishing, and health care. Her work is inspired by the social structure of gift-giving, unique production materials, and the enduring magic of the written word.