About the Book

Hi Lion, are you giggly?
How about you, Zebra? Are you giggly?

Young readers find out who giggles and who doesn't in this fun, playful board book. Bright illustrations by Ana Larrañaga introduce readers to a collection of African animals and the sounds they make. When they get to the novelty mirror in the back of the book, children will be delighted to discover the giggliest creature of all: themselves!

Mackenzie McAteer

Baldwin Baby Company

"Spreading smiles and chuckles through its vibrant colors and noisy creatures, Are You Giggly is a must-have for any kid's library. My boys weren't prepared for the twist when the most giggly animal was revealed!"

Joanne W. Cazeau

Speech-Language Pathologist Founder

"As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, I often use books to support foundational language skills in a child’s first 5 years. “Are You Giggly?” features a lot of elements I look for in early books. The book’s bright and colorful illustrations are engaging and naturally draw your little’s attention. Its repetitive and predictable text support anticipation skills and help your little one feel like they’re reading along!" " As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, “Are You Giggly?” is an easy YES for me!"

Meet the Author

Tim Button started writing as a kid when he and his grandmother would write letters in poem form and send them back and forth. Today he spends his days advising businesses about technology. He loves sports of all kinds and has coached almost every kid's sport except for Lacrosse. He is known for joking around--often using different voices, which is not surprising because he's also worked as a voice-over artist. Tim lives in Moorestown, NJ, with his wife, three no-longer-wiggly children, and two dogs. 

Meet the Illustrator

Ana Larrañaga was born in San Sebastian, Spain, and grew up in the countryside of Castilla, in a huge family, surrounded by cousins and animals. At school, she drew little stories on every possible piece of paper. In Salamanca, where she studied Fine Arts, teachers told her to draw very big things. When she finished her studies, she returned to her small drawings and became an award-winning illustrator. Ana lives in Germany with her husband, three sons, and one cat. She likes swimming in the sea in the summer and knitting in winter.