About the Book

“This book goes on my "sacred shelf" which holds half a dozen honored books that I use to provoke new thoughts.” —Cynthia M. Adams, founder, GrantStation.com

Radical Business serves as a guide for business owners and companies eager to embrace a new, practical way of doing business. It delves into the concepts of social enterprise, showing how it can apply to anyone—be it an employee, activist, consumer, or citizen—and uses the golden rule as a catalyst for a change in mindset.

A genuinely radical business returns to its root purpose: meeting a customer's need, solving a problem, and providing value. David Gaines outlines his ‘Seven Seeds Framework’ for a radical business model, which includes:

  • Supply Chain: Understanding the story behind every product. 
  • Employees: Building successful brands with happy teams.
  • *Customers: *Defining ethical marketing. 
  • Community: Fostering healthy interdependence
  • Competitors: Embracing the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats. 
  • *Environment: *Rethinking the costs & benefits to going green. 
  • Self: Ensuring true sustainability through self-care. 

Through real-life business insights, actionable steps for positive impact, and in-depth analysis of supply chain and environmental interactions, Radical Business offers strategies to help us leave the world better than we found it.

Maggie Gough

Chief Operating Officer

This book is a reminder that better is possible and profitable.

Bill Tucker


What I enjoyed the most was the way in which David laid out so many concepts, principles and definitions that I believe are central to understanding social enterprise. David has added considerably to the movement in writing this book.

Don Golden


For the growing number of leaders trying to make the world better through business, Radical Business is the perfect resource. One part personal account, one part instruction manual, David gives us a wealth of life-giving, practical ways to grow our businesses.

Jeanette Morelan

Marketing Strategist

Through the lens of [David's] own journey as an entrepreneur to case stories of companies that are doing things differently around the world, Racial Business offers an invitation to explore what's possible when we return to our roots.

Brady Duncan


I've been on a presence/mindfulness journey lately and the intersection of how present leaders create present companies combined with David's book is pretty powerful. The book has such a beautiful blend of great research, life experiences, and storytelling that makes it easy to read, and it's very digestible.

Meet the Author

David is the Chief Visionary and CEO for La Terza Coffee, a full-service coffee resource located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also the Board Chairperson for the Social Enterprise Alliance, which provides resources for social entrepreneurs. David is a loving husband and father, enjoys the solitude and beauty of nature, and is energized by meeting new people and old friends over a crafted beverage.