About the Book

*Gratitude is the greatest natural superpower. *
"Hi, I’m Frankie! But you can call me Gratitude the Great. 
How’d I get that name? Well, it all started when my cousin Hope came to visit and taught me how to make Rea bracelets, a gratitude tradition in her Brazilian family. We made a bunch and decided to give them away to thank some of the cool people we saw on the boardwalk. And the idea just exploded!"

What starts as a sweet gesture of family gratitude, quickly goes viral and soon this dynamic duo will have much more to be thankful for. In her afterword, author Pamelyn Rocco prompts children and parents alike on ways to invite gratitude into daily life and ignite their own natural superpower.
Whether you gift this book to a child you love, or buy it to read aloud to one, your daily life will be enriched by introducing a new habit of gratitude. Fans of Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness and Kindness is a Kite String will love - and be grateful for - Gratitude the Great!
"Gratitude is one of the greatest gifts you can teach your kids and this book not only leaves you with ways to do that but also reminds the adults reading to not forget as well." - Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin, hosts of the Whine Down podcast and authors of The Good Fight

Awards and Press

Jana Kramer

host of the award-winning "Whine Down" podcast and author of The Good Fight?

Gratitude is one of the greatest gifts you can teach your kids and this book not only leaves you with ways to do that but also reminds the adults reading to not forget as well.

Celia Cagle

1st Grade Teacher

[This book] encourages students to show kindness to all people. It shows the significant influence creating family rituals and traditions can have on everyday life. Pamelyn emphasizes positive adult and child interactions that create powerful impressions on children’s lives and mindset.

Jennie Monness

Early Childhood Educator and Parenting Expert

By portraying gratitude as “cool” this book has real promise for children to take on a mindset of more appreciation in real life.

Ciara Evans

LA Book Club and Literary Expert

A gorgeous and inspiring picture book that reminds readers of all ages that gratitude and kindness is a superpower we all hold within.

Denise Caldwell

Fox 29 News

The beautiful message in this book, Gratitude the Great, is such an effective and powerful way to bring the practice of gratitude into your family and into your home.

Dr. Deepika Chopra

Optimism Doctor™? & Visual Imagery Expert

[Gratitude the Great] really sets the tone for when [kids] are going into elementary school...things to be grateful for, how to make friends, be kind.

Meet the Author

A manifestation expert and gratitude course junkie with a severe ‘7s obsession, Pamelyn has been a party stylist for 2 years, is a girl mama x 2, and was an MBA grad at 21. She is addicted to gold spray paint and always will be a believer in dressing up. She is a Pittsburgh native, late-born Angeleno, and a current Tennessean with a passion for teaching the power of gratitude through all stages of life. Oh and for having as much fun as possible while doing it! And so Gratitude the Great was born, her third child.
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Meet the Illustrator

Taylor Barron can always be found with a sketchbook in her hand. She’s an artist who believes that storytelling is the most important thing you can do.