About the Book

There’s a magical sound when a tooth wiggles free. . . . But what happens next?
In the black, velvet night, a bright spot appears. It zips through the sky and swoops to your home. And there, in a burst of shimmering fairy dust, a magical story unfolds.
Prepare to be whisked away as the Tooth Fairy shares the secrets of her mystical midnight flight.

With luscious, atmospheric illustrations from award winning artist Matt Gaser, and classic rhyming text, Flight of the Tooth Fairy takes readers on an adventurous quest like none they will have read before.

Olivia the Librarian

Wonderfully whimsical, Flight of the Tooth Fairy invites readers to embark on an enthralling & extraordinary quest.

James Lawrence - "The Iron Cowboy"

When in our adult lives did we stop dreaming? What a wonderful, fantastic reminder of the simplicity and joy or magic and sweet dreams. I will always believe.

Meet the Author

Having lived in Southern California, Portugal, and Cape Verde, Africa, Jaren Ahlmann now lives in the far-away land of Orem, Utah, with his wife and his four self-proclaimed "biggest fans"... aka his kids. He loves to: play soccer and scrabble, vacay with his family at the beach, and eat tacos and sprinkled donuts. He wishes he could: fly like the Tooth Fairy, play the piano, and hire a full-time chef to cook all his meals. He does not like: long car drives, pulling weeds, and losing in any type of game. Flight of the Tooth Fairy is Jaren’s first children’s book. Visit him online at www.jarenahlmann.com and on his instagram account: @jarenahlmann

Meet the Illustrator

Matt Gaser is an award-winning Illustrator and concept artist. He has been a designer on films such as The Angry Birds, The Willoughby's, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. When he's not freelancing from his home studio, building imaginative worlds, or creating new characters for books, you can find him traveling, gardening, woodworking in his garage, or eating pizza and ice cream. Today, Matt lives in Northern California with his wife and daughter. Visit him online at www.mattgaser.com and on his instagram account: @mattgaser