Sara Blanchard

Sara Blanchard & Misasha Suzuki Graham are best friends who met over 2 years ago while walking out of a racial identity discussion at Harvard. They are now the co-hosts of Dear White Women, an award-winning weekly social justice podcast dedicated to starting real discussions about race, racism, and how to be more anti-racist.
Sara helps communities build connections through conscious conversations, which she does as a facilitator, TEDx speaker, writer, and consultant. Having worked at Goldman Sachs and having helped to teach positive psychology at Harvard, Sara speaks the language of traditional accomplishment, but for over ten years, Sara has chosen to pursue the science and techniques of well-being as a certified life coach, Reiki-practitioner, mother, and author of Flex Mom. In addition to facilitating meaningful panel conversations about race and supporting projects that showcase stories of those in marginalized communities, Sara is married to a White Canadian man and is raising their two White-presenting girls to be compassionate, thoughtful advocates. They live in Denver, Colorado with their incredibly attention-seeking dog.