About the Book

"A tip of the hat to all of the invisible labor that happens […] making little ones aware of what their parents do and reminding parents to watch for those bucket-filling moments of delight with their children." —School Library Journal

It’s funny to get so excited about things we may think of as chores.
But what if you thought of it this way—each job is a hug at its core!

Follow a diverse cast of families as they discover all it takes to make their homes welcoming and cared-for places. From making their bed to helping in the kitchen, readers will realize how much they contribute and the value of all family members sharing this beautiful work.

With gorgeous, eye-catching illustrations, Our Home is sure to become a family favorite. And as your child reads along, they’ll learn that taking care of the home isn’t just a chore—it’s an act of love and joy that can bring the whole family together.

Eve Rodsky

author of Fair Play and Find Your Unicorn Space

A foundational spark for the wellness of families and a future of partnerships founded in understanding equity and the value of care.

Laura Danger

Social Media Creator and Influencer (@thatdarnchat)

An essential contribution to an overdue cultural shift where invisible labor is made visible and domestic work is given the respect it deserves.

Dr. John Duffy

Clinical Psychologist and bestselling author

Instead of complaints about the tedium of chores and housework, this fabulous little book provides a joyful read that sheds light on the contributions we can make for each other to the home environment.

David Shoemaker

Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General

My 6-year-old son requests we read Our Home on repeat! He calls it the 'hugs' book, showing me he's made the connection between the work of a family, and the care it represents.

Kristi Rible

founder/CEO of The Huuman Group™ and Stanford Instructor on “Motherhood and Work”

Our Home is an essential children’s story which shows how teamwork, collaboration, and a more equitable distribution of work can lead to loving and healthy outcomes.

Meet the Author

Lori Sugarman-Li believes deeply in the power of families and is a passionate voice in the cultural shift aiming to articulate the value and visibility of unpaid work. Her career as a Communications Strategist, combined with a decade devoted to full-time care of her family, community, and children's charities worldwide, served as the inspirational backdrop for her professional relaunch as a Coach, Speaker, and Author. She is dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations within families, encouraging them to contemplate how they care for one another and their shared space. Lori, her husband, and two sons are Canadian-born and live steps from Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Meet the Illustrator

María Perera was born in a small seaside town in northern Spain. When she was very young, she found out that there were few things in life that she enjoyed as much as listening to The Beatles and drawing. She graduated with a degree in art history, then studied graphic design. She has worked as a freelance illustrator for several international publishers, magazines and advertising agencies and loves to work on portraits and children's books. She is very inspired by 60's -70's music, literature and cinema and loves to spend time with her family and friends. She still listens to The Beatles and feels fortunate to be able to do what she loves the most for a living, illustration.