About the Book

What if we flip the script on what it means to be a caregiver?
“Kanter’s emphasis on creating a positive lens for this special relationship is refreshing.” —Gloria Drake, Library Journal

Today, there are more than forty million family caregivers in the United States alone, each searching for ways to effectively approach this unique challenge. Positive Caregiving offers an alternative, affirming perspective to the predominantly negative narrative surrounding the care of older adults. 

Combining principles of positive psychology, mindfulness, reminiscence therapy, and lifestyle medicine this book provides simple activity ideas designed to immerse caregivers in gratitude, empathy, forgiveness, love, and awe. Positive Caregiving encourages making the most of the caregiving experience.

You'll learn how to:
• Connect with your care partner.
• Foster positive emotions.
• Engage in activities that are enjoyable and meaningful.
• Turn challenges into opportunities for connection and growth.

Positive Caregiving focuses on the emotional journey and personal growth inherent in the caregiving experience, helping caregivers to embrace, celebrate, and honor this critical role in modern society.

Gloria Drake

Library Journal

Kanter’s emphasis on creating a positive lens for this special relationship is refreshing.

Jill C. Dardig


Family members and friends will find this book a great resource for making their phone calls and visits with their older loved ones both interesting and upbeat.

Chris Harris

I have been a caregiver for four family members, all of whom had different health and aging issues at different times. I wish I could go back now and use some of these exercises with my partners...I would write a mission statement, write more thank you notes, look at the moon and the stars more often, and make a 'what not to do list.

Sara P. Weiner Ph.D.

I truly wish I’d had access to this book when I was a remote caregiver for my Mom -- it would have been a game-changer for both of us.

Jenn Chan


If thriving as a caregiver seems like a puzzle to you, then Dr. Teten Kanter’s Positive Caregiving approach is a step-by-step strategy to help you put the pieces together.

Nancy Delay


An important part of this book is encouraging the caregiver to take care of themselves, so they can offer care from a loving and generous heart-center. It is a beautiful marriage of science and compassion to help provide practical guidance to people during what can be a challenging time in their lives.

Amanda McKinney


A promising new perspective for anyone caring for older adults.

Meet the Author

Sarah Teten Kanter, Ph.D., is on a mission to help people embrace the gift of growing older. She is the founder and CEO of Positive Caregiving™, a software and services firm focused on making caregiving and care receiving a positive experience and an opportunity for personal growth. She holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in gerontology from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Prior to pursuing her passion in gerontology, she was the chief marketing officer and chief customer officer at Kenexa, now an IBM company. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her family.