About the Book

Vision and Voice: An Art-Making Journal for Teens bridges the gap between focused writing journals for teens and coloring books. The beautifully designed pages give teens a space where they can respond in imaginative, creative ways that help them to make sense of their relationships with themselves and the world.

This journal features: 

  • Four sections—About Being Playful, About Me, About Feelings, and About Knowing Yourself—that enable teens to explore various topics in depth. 
  • 65 prompts that introduce diverse approaches, coping mechanisms, and tools for emotional processing, such as gratitude, mindfulness, and stress reduction. 

The non-prescriptive prompts give teens the freedom to explore and to contemplate at their own pace, on their own terms in Vision and Voice.

Craig Haen


"So many teens are looking for ways to sort out who they are, how they want to move through the world, and how they can channel their immense potential. Vision and Voice provides the kind of space where adolescents can express their whole selves: creative, expansive, funny, confused, worried, and growing."

Meet the Author

Caren Sacks, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, ATCS, is a Licensed, Board Certified Creative Art Therapist and Board-Certified Art Therapy Supervisor who has been providing clinical services in a variety of settings for more than forty years. In addition to a master’s degree in Art Therapy she completed a certificate in the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program at the New Hope Guild Center and was a Full Adjunct Professor in the Art Therapy Master’s Program at The College of New Rochelle. Caren lives in Mamaroneck, NY, with her husband and dog, Ziggy.