About the Book


“This book needs not one breath more for its perfect autumn and winter message.” —School Library Journal, starred review

Gray Fox wanders alone in the forest at night. The woods are illuminated in the silvery light of the full moon and stars. She gazes around in wonder at the light in the birch grove and stops to look at her reflection in the river. But something calls to her in her reverie. She must return to her den by dawn to care for her kits when they wake. 

With simple poetry young children will love, Gray Fox in the Moonlight is a journey through a nighttime wonderland that celebrates the love between parents and children. Simple two-color illustrations overflow with light in this evergreen story that illustrates the value of independence in the parental relationship as well as the powerful bond which calls us home from wandering. Gray Fox in the Moonlight revels in the profound beauty of nature.


“The text matches the fox’s steps so perfectly that readers may feel as though they’re following her home through the woods.” —Kirkus Reviews

Awards and Press

Kirkus Reviews

There’s no drama here, but if the story were any less spare, readers might not stop to see the wonders along the way.

School Library Journal

Even the youngest of toddlers will be quickly absorbed in this brief but engaging work.

Shelf Awareness

Gray Fox in the Moonlight is a book tied to no era, which perfectly suits a timeless hymn to the natural world and to parents' love for their children.

Publishers Weekly

Peterson’s text works neatly alongside crisp graphic renderings, whose varied textures catch the eye. As the sun fills a final page with warm tones, the fox curls up beside her young—a gentle reminder that even the nocturnal must find time to rest.

Keeley Norton

Moonlight Book Club

Enchanting and peaceful, Gray Fox in the Moonlight will dazzle young and old alike with beautiful illustrations, the ties of family and nature, and a spirit of curiosity.

Meet the Author and Illustrator

Isaac Peterson is a fine artist and designer who grew up in Alaska. This book is inspired by one of his earliest memories: cross-country skiing to school in Fairbanks during the part of winter when it is completely dark. Isaac has taught art extensively all over the US. Isaac lives in Bend, Oregon with his family.