Behind the Book: Dreaming on the Page

I’m passionate about dreams and writing. I wanted to introduce people to what I’d learned from my studies of the science, psychology, and spirituality of dreams and writing. But I’d been told by one agent after another that I didn’t have a large enough social media reach (mine was barely in the thousands — they wanted tens of thousands) for them to take a chance on me or my book. I was discouraged by the limitations and frustrations I’d encountered with book publishing at the time, and I had thought, Why does it have to be a book? There are other ways to “publish” in the sense of making good ideas public!

So, I threw myself into creating online courses instead and began connecting with a wider community of dreamers and writers who were looking for a new way to spark their creativity, and enrich their relationship with their imagination, dreams, and subconscious — both in the service of their writing and of living an authentic and meaningful life.

But then, something happened. My students started asking me if I was writing, or would consider writing, a book about what I’d been teaching them. So, I did!

I hadn’t forgotten my previous attempts at making this book. So, when it came time to publish, I skipped past the gatekeepers and took matters into my own hands. I researched alternative publishing models and found a home for my book: The Collective Book Studio, a women-owned, partner company that cares about creating beautifully designed books. I wanted the words I’d worked so hard to put onto the page to enter the world in their finest finery.

The finished product has a cover of high-quality textured paper so writers will delight in the feel of the book, even before they open it. There are wide French flaps that are ideal for tucking notes or dream reports inside. And the inside pages are filled with short essays about the Dreaming on the Page method, along with writing prompts and exercises on pages with inviting design flourishes.

Meet the Author

Tzivia Gover is the author of several books including The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep and Joy in Every Moment. She is the education director of the Institute for Dream Studies, and the founder of Dreaming on the Page classes and workshops. She teaches programs internationally, domestically and online about dreams, mindfulness, and writing. Tzivia is a Certified Dreamwork Professional, a Certified Proprioceptive Writing instructor, and she has an MFA from Columbia University in creative nonfiction. She writes and dreams in western Massachusetts.