About the Book

“Compassionate and practical, Be BOLD Today offers a collection of actionable practices to help you expand your vision and potential. . . . This is not a book just to be read; it is designed to spur life-enhancing action.” —Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School; and author of Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well

Do you have a voice inside you that’s nudging you to make a change? Maybe you feel stuck and want to try something completely new or you want to elevate what you are already doing to the next level.

Using The BOLD Framework, created by visionary leader Leigh Burgess, Be BOLD Today serves as your personal guide for executing the necessary steps to taking charge of your life. Leigh inspires you to identify and achieve your personal and professional goals, large and small. Through this book, you will convert your dreams, aspirations, and goals into realities by following the four steps of The BOLD Framework:

• Believe: Reframe limiting beliefs that hold you back and strengthen empowering beliefs that move you forward.

*• Own: *You are the author of your story, and you have the power to shape its narrative, but first you need to own your choices.

*• Learn: *Embrace continuous learning by using a growth mindset, being adaptable and resilient, and turning setbacks into setups for success.

• Design: Design a life path to the destiny you desire—and deserve.

Be BOLD Today gives you the tools to effect whatever transformative change you desire, so you too can live your own best life.


“Leigh has built her impressive career around helping women make bold moves in their careers and in their lives. Be BOLD Today is a definitive road map for every leader and aspiring leader to reach success using The BOLD Framework.” —Jessica Sibley, CEO of TIME

“Leigh is on a mission to redefine bold. She reminds us that sometimes the most profound acts of boldness are the ones that do not make a sound. They are the quiet choices we make every single day that can shift the landscape of our lives.” —Mita Mallick, Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author of Reimagine Inclusion

“Be BOLD Today is a must-read for everyone who truly desires to thrive and live the life they want. Leigh reminds us that throughout life, you have to be bold and brave and willing to take risks—and potentially fail before you succeed. It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable!” —Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient

“Through Be BOLD Today, you'll discover the power of The BOLD Framework to ignite meaningful change in your life. This is not just a book; it’s a road map to wholehearted living and the courage to show up as your truest self.” —Claude Silver, chief heart officer of VaynerMedia and author of the upcoming book Showing Up

Mary Garrick

owner and chief strategist at Mainstay Creative

“Simply put, Leigh changes the lives of everyone she works with. Leigh’s approach and the network she’s curating help open your mind to what’s possible and give you the courage to be bold in pursuit of your professional and personal dreams.”

Erin O’Mara

media CEO

“Leigh shows up fully. Leigh is brilliant, and she puts her full force into creating community. She has the gift of grace, energy, and spark. Leigh’s book expands on her incredible work.”

Susan P. Landis

executive director of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals

“Leigh has tapped into a need and an opportunity to empower us, especially women, to be our best selves—and to trust that we have what we need to be that boldly and without apology."

Kate Speer

open to amazing at Kate Stefko Speer

“What sets Leigh’s BOLD community apart is its ability to foster deep connections that go beyond the superficial. These are genuine connections with individuals who not only live boldly themselves, but also inspire others to embrace their unique versions of boldness.”

Stacy Olinger

founder and CEO

“Leigh curates a boldness that releases the greatest potential of individuals and organizations aligned with their purpose. Leigh’s bold approach surfaces what you want and why you want it and then empowers you to achieve success."

Kristen Chimack

CEO of Down-To-Earth Insights

“I worked with Leigh during a pivotal career transition from a corporate executive role to CEO of my own company. Leigh’s BOLD Framework and coaching were nothing short of transformational. Leigh’s guidance not only accelerated my business growth, but also instilled in me a stronger sense of confidence and purpose.”

Yvonne Chavez

senior catering sales manager at Auberge Resorts

“What an amazing woman. Leigh is filled with joy, love, and light. Surround yourself with people like Leigh and watch yourself transform into a woman of greatness.”

Christine Chandler

COO/CCO at M&T Realty Capital

“Leigh has a craft that is very special. She helps women see their value through BOLD lenses. Having an outside view of your challenges helps to identify ways to approach and advance your BOLD journey.”

Lindsay Ruiz

transformation and experience executive

“Leigh’s passion for inspiring women to live a BOLD live is contagious. It’s a movement. And it’s a purpose. Leigh’s commitment to create a thriving community of women who shine creates ripples that will change many paradigms now and for the times ahead!”

Sarena Diamond

CEO and founder at Diamond Solutions Group

“Leigh’s expertise and deep intellect are obvious in the first moments of meeting her or tuning in to one of her insightful podcasts. Her boundless energy and charismatic approach inspire others to strive for more and live their boldest lives. Leigh is the real deal and someone we can all aspire to emulate.”

Nadine Lavigne

member of The Bold Leaders Collective

“Leigh has a talent for inspiring and motivating others. Her positive energy is infectious, and it has the power to uplift and drive you to achieve your full potential. Leigh empowers individuals to embrace their strengths and overcome any obstacles they might face.”

Alissa Randall

CEO at All About Headshots

“Leigh Burgess is the epitome of bold. She’s courageous, uplifting, and honest—and an incredible coach. She is such an inspiration and someone who I truly admire.”

Amanda Slavin

cofounder of LearningFREQUENCY and author of The Seventh Level

“Leigh is a dynamic leader who deeply cares about individuals. She has an ability to help so many people accomplish their goals and work through whatever is standing in their way.”

Denise Brown

health care C-level executive and board member

“There’s a growth mindset, and then there is the BOLD mindset. Leigh shows us how intentional focus, bravery, and the support of community creates the you you knew you always could be.”

Sarah Owen

chief product officer

“Leigh’s guidance, methodologies, community, and curation have given me the tools, support, and accountability that I needed to level up key areas of my life. I have never been happier and attribute much of it to the work with Leigh.”

Jane Zimmer

owner of Z’Est and SVP client services at bswift

“Leigh’s relatability, intellect, care, and strategy brought forward the boldness I have always had.”

Melissa Cohen

LinkedIn Top Voice and founder of MBC Consulting Solutions

“Everything that Leigh does for the Bold community is exceptional. I have experienced it all—and every experience surpasses my expectations. Leigh’s dedication and care for everyone in the community is not only at an incredibly high level, it is also genuine.”

Lisa Bammert


“Leigh’s guidance is holistic. She incorporates career planning and growth, as well as personal development, health, and wellness. No matter where you are on your journey, Leigh will meet you there and take you beyond where you even thought was possible.”

Tracy Gosselin

chief nursing executive

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Leigh for over 10 years. Her ability to bring people together who can learn, grow, and laugh together has been wonderful to watch and experience.”

Nick Hutchison

founder of BookThinkers and author of Rise of the Reader

“Leigh inspires me to live a bold life and take action. Life is too short to be anything less than the boldest version of ourselves!”

Meet the Author

Visionary leader and entrepreneur, Leigh Burgess has inspired thousands of women and has been a catalyst for empowering change in their lives. After over twenty years as an executive in business, health care, and education, she founded Bold Industries Group, a consulting, coaching, and curated event company dedicated to helping professionals and organizations make transformative changes. Leigh created The BOLD Framework—with its foundational steps of believe, own, learn, and design—as a guide to actualize change. She hosts The Bold Lounge podcast and contributes regularly to Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.