Developmental Editor

Ruby Privateer

Ruby Privateer counts herself lucky and grateful to work on books with people who value them. She has spent over 20 years in conversation about what authors intend to say and then how best to express that. She has been editing and managing books both for publishers and individuals, including North Atlantic Books, Parallax Press, New Harbinger Publications, HarperOne, Tachyon Publications, The Dream Institute of Northern California, and the Collective Book Studio. Her editorial experience started with alternative health and psychology titles and she still considers those home base, though fate and interest have expanded her skill set to include mindfulness, dharma, creativity, children's books, and more.

Living the dream, Ruby graduated from Boston University as an English major and found her way to an independent bookstore in Berkeley, California. From there, her path led to hosting literary events, then publicity, and then on to editing, where she found community as well as her affinity for working with both texts and people and creating win-win situations.